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Most construction site accident cases have the potential to involve parties in addition to the injured's employer. This is fortunate, for worker's compensation laws are often surprisingly inadequate to compensate the employee. (Please see Workplace Injuries Section).

If the injuries are severe, it will be critical to identify "third party" cases, or Defendant's other than the employer who may be responsible, in order to even have a chance at true compensation. Often these Defendants are not immediately apparent. A knowledge of the industry, contract law, insurance coverage, unions, and creative lawyering are often all important ingredients for a successful construction site injury case. Many include falls from scaffolding and ladders, inadequate supervision, and defective equipment.

It is the many subcontractors on a given job which provide for several potential third party Defendants. The competent attorney should not overlook the general contractor, who may be responsible for supervision and, in any event, contractually responsible for the injury. In other cases, principals of Agency and Corporate law may result in unexpected determinations as to who is truly the "employee" and who are viable "third parties".

A good construction site attorney must have a command of work site plans, critical path methods, and chain of command on a given job. Witnesses' statements must be taken as close to the injury as possible by someone who truly knows the legal issues. Finally, your attorney should be an experienced trial lawyer, with a superior knowledge of the evidence and applicable law, relationships with the most prominent, technical, and medical experts related to a given case, as well as the resources to ensure the best representation possible.

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