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Cerebral Palsy

Assisting childbirth is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the medical profession. Obstetricians and nurses must show extreme care during an infant's delivery and during the hospital stay thereafter. An infant's skull is very soft and its brain tissue is easily injured if the baby could suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen (asphyxia). For these reasons, tremendous care is necessary on the part of doctors, nurses and midwives.

Often, however, the quality of care is not satisfactory, and the result is tragic. Needless injuries frequently occur during childbirth and while in the hospital. Medical evidence now shows that Cerebral Palsy, which afflicts one in 2000 babies, is sometimes caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during childbirth and improper handling of the baby's skull.

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Birth injuries may also arise from complications during pregnancy. The mother may have taken a medication that contributes to birth defects or other problems. Today, 1 in 200 babies is born with some form of birth injury, and many of these cases may have been caused by negligence.

If your baby suffered a birth injury, you should consider inquiring about your legal options. In times of grief, it is obviously difficult for family members to understand the importance of a prompt investigation of the circumstances of the injury, preservation of evidence and identification of responsible parties. However, the large compensation from a lawsuit is often necessary to cover the extensive medical bills that will accrue in the years to come.

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Birth injury cases often have very large settlements, and therefore require the highest level of legal expertise. Often the multi-million dollar verdicts are necessary to care for a lifetime of medical bills stemming from the accident. But more than financial compensation, families will look for justice; and a way to prevent negligence from harming another baby.

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