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OnStar Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit


Kyros Law is investigating the privacy practices of OnStar, a General Motors subsidiary. OnStar provides navigation and safety systems for GM manufactured automobiles, using mobile phone and GPS location information. OnStar Recently announced changes to the way it will use the data it collects, potentially invading its customers privacy. At least three US Senators have raised serious concerns. Are you concerned? Call our privacy protection law firm now, we protect consumer privacy rights.

What private information does OnStar collect?

It may surprise you the amount of information OnStar is able to collect from your automobile. This information includes data about vehicle diagnostics such as oil changes, tire pressure, gas-type used; information about crashes such as whether a passenger is wearing a seat belt or whether an airbag has been deployed; and the car’s GPS/location information – including the speed of the vehicle, when the vehicle is moving and the location of the vehicle.

What changes is OnStar making to its privacy policies?

OnStar is making two fundamental changes to its privacy policy. First, OnStar is modifying its privacy policy to enable it to collect data about all OnStar-equipped vehicles, even if customers cancel service or never activate service (Though OnStar has said it may not implement this after public outcry). These policies are concerning because GM offers a “free” trial of OnStar with each new vehicle GM sells. Second OnStar will be reserving the right to sell aggregate data to third parties. Those third parties are likely advertising, insurance, and analytics companies eager to gather as much information about consumers’ driving habits, schedules and favorite destinations.

If you are own a vehicle that is equipped with an OnStar navigation system and would like to learn more about our investigation please call Attorney Bill Kyros at 1-800-934-2921 or fill out info below to discuss your rights.

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