Massachusetts Divorce Law

Massachusetts Divorce Law

Find an attorney and read about Massachusetts divorce and domestic relations law. This area of the law includes matters involving divorce, alimony, paternity, child support, child custody and domestic violence restraining orders, interstate custody and interstate support.

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The Basic Issues that will be addressed in divorce proceedings.

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In any divorce or legal dissolution of the marriage, a court will be involved because marriage is a legal contract that one or both of the spouses are seeking to undo. In general if one spouse wants the divorce, the court will sanction it.

However many other issues will remain to be settled by the authority of the court including the proper division of assets and property distribution: cash, stocks, real estate, businesses, pets, cars pensions, furniture, etc. The court will also determine who owes what in assessing the debts of the marriage

The court may order some form of Alimony, Maintenance or Spousal Support: which means that one spouse may be require do support the other in the future

Child Support will be ordered by the court if children are involved. If spouses combined income is under $100,000, the child support will be pursuant to guidelines already laid out in Massachusetts.

Child Custody issues will include which parent will have physical custody of the child and what rights and duties each parent have with respect to the child's medical, educational and other needs.

Visitation, also called a "parenting schedule," will determine how often and under what conditions the non-custodial parent will visit with the children.

Most divorces will conclude with an agreement between the Parties, which avoids a trial, which is expensive and whose outcome is difficult to predict. With the assistance of a skilled attorney, the parties are usually come to a written agreement as to the terms of their divorce.

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