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You may be entitled to a reward by reporting Lacey Act Violations at your company

Under a United States Law called the Lacey Act, corporations are prohibited from buying certain restricted animal & plant products including lumber from countries that violate laws designed to protect endangered animal species and the environment. Our law firm works with whistleblowers who want to report companies that violate these laws direcly or indirectly.

The Lacey Act includes provsions that prevent companies:

1) From buyng wood from Illegal logging operations around the world. Illegal logging threatens forests, and animal species. If a company buys woods/uses wood that was obtained in violation of timber laws, the company may be liable for violations of the Lacey Act. Gibson Guitar was recently fined for such activities, and a Dec 2013 case has been filed against Lumber Liquidators alleging importation of wood illegal harvested.

2) The Lacey Act also makes it illegal to import, export or traffic in protected animals and plants and products related to them.

If you know about violations of the Lacey Act, obtain a free initial consultation from our experienced whistleblower attorneys. Speak to Attorney William Kyros at 1-800-934-2921.

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