Hepatitis C Outbreak at Exeter New Hampshire Hospital Lawsuit

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Hep C? Undergo a cardiac catheterization at Exeter Hospital?

October 2012: NH Attorney General's Office Accused Hospital of Cover up

To date 32 patients treated at Exeter Hospital have tested positive for Hepatitis C linked to a medical technician David Kwiatkowski, 33 who is hepatitis C positive. He has been charged with causing the outbreak by stealing anesthetic drugs, then injecting the drugs into himself, contaminating syringes that were later used in the treatment of patients. His strain of hepatitis C has been diagnosed in 32 patients treated at Exeter Hospital, the vast majority from the cardiac catheterization laboratory.

Investigation has revealed that Kwiatkowski had access to the hospital's main operating room and intensive care unit as well so the outbreak may be larger than originally believed.

Patients who have hepatitis related to these horrible events may be entitled to potentially millions of dollars in compensation. 

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