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Emerson Electric (EMR) is being investigated by our law firm for failure to properly report widespread personal use of the corporate aircraft. From our review it appears that Emerson has vastly under reported personal use of corporate aircraft.

Based on an analysis of data maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration, Emerson’s planes have made numerous flights to and from places where its chief executive officer has a home and many other destinations at which the Company has no offices or other business presence, and which one would normally consider to be a resort or vacation destinations. Specifically, between 2007 and 2010, Emerson’s planes made hundreds of flights to and from Palm Springs, California; Oak Island, North Carolina; Saint John’s, Antigua; and Sun Valley, Idaho. There are many other destinations, but these are just a few we have identified as being subject to scrutiny.

There appear to be at least five million dollars in personal flights made by Emerson executives.

As you can see, these flights all add up – to more than $5 million by our estimates.These flights do not match Emerson’s public disclosures.  According to Emerson’s public disclosures, the amount of personal use of aircraft by CEO Farr and the named executive officers was approximately $1.2 million, well short of the millions of dollars for the flights identified above.  This is a massive shortfall.
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