Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture Recovery Claims

Our attorneys practice before the United States Department of Justice, drug enforcement administration arbitration and Department of Homeland Security border patrol arbitration units to petition for remission or mitigation of cash or property seizures. Currently representing clients who have had Millions of dollars in cash and assets seized.

Attorney Geoffrey G Nathan acts as lead counsel in significant matters involving major cash seizures and he provides monitor counsel work of attorneys throughout the United States.  Due to the nature of our practice, property seizure litigation must amount to value in excess of $100,000 and cash seizures must be a minimum $30,000.00 in order for us to have an interest in your case.

See also our experienced team on Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) frozen assets and blocked property cases.

Generally, property or cash is normally seized for forfeiture pursuant to title 21, United States code section 881 because the property was allegedly used or acquired as a result of a violation of the controlled substances act, title 21, United States code, sections 801 et. seq. or other alleged criminal violations such as currency transaction violations (CTR).

An owner (or lienor) may file a petition for remission or mitigation of the forfeiture with the forfeiture counsel, asset forfeiture section of the drug enforcement administration.  There are particular regulations governing the petition process as set forth in United States laws. These laws require that the petition be privately delivered and filed. In addition to, or instead of petitioning for remission or mitigation, you may contest the forfeiture of the seized property in the United States District Court by filing a claim with the forfeiture counsel of federal law enforcement agencies pursuant to United States code.

Upon the filing of a claim under the United States code, you may request release of the seized property or cash during the pendency of the forfeiture proceeding due to hardship. A petition, claim or other correspondence shall be deemed filed with the forfeiture counsel asset forfeiture section when received by the drug enforcement administration or other administrative agency. Submissions by fax or other electronic means are not accepted. The fact that you are named as a person(s) or businesses appearing to contest a seizure does not mean that you are a criminal defendant or suspect, nor does the appearance of your name mean that you are a target of federal law enforcement investigations or activities.

These civil asset forfeiture laws provide law enforcement agencies with the power to attempt to seize property and money which they say is connected to illegal activity. Over the last 40 years, the system grew exponentially and now constitutes a significant source of funding for law enforcement operations. Our attorneys can provide you adequate safeguards, however, and you may be at risk of losing your property to overzealous police forces motivated more by the prospect of forfeiture proceeds and a desire to enforce laws and protect society.
Should you find yourself in a position where you need legal representation protect your assets, you can retain Attorney Nathan and his colleagues who have successfully represented clients throughout the United States in the following types of matters:
1)      Cash seized at airport was rolled up in socks but ordered returned by a federal judge;

2)      single-engine airplane seized at airport ordered returned by a federal judge;

3)      short range jet seized and ordered returned by federal judge;

4)      arbitrator orders return of cash seized at airport;

5)      long-range yacht ordered returned by federal judge;

6)      communications equipment seized by ICE returned by order of federal judge.

We have the skill and experience to satisfy your legal needs throughout the United States, and can respond immediately to your inquiry.

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