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Reporting Ambulance Fraud: Medicare Patient Transport Fraud


Ambulance Drivers, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's), Ambulette Operators, Wheelchair Van Drivers, Ambulance Company Workers.
Are you are aware of patient transport that is improperly being billed to Medicare?

If you know about fraud you may confidentially report it by becoming a medicare fraud whistleblower.

Collect a large reward and help the American taxpayers put an end wasteful spending that costs billions of dollars to our medical system.

Ambulance fraud is a major category of medicare/medicaid spending, which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in inappropriate billing each year to the American taxpayers.

Common Types of Transportation Services Fraud Include:
1) Billing Medicare for medically unnecessary routine transports of dialysis patients, radiology services, or radiation treatment for cancer.

2) Upcoding the level of ambulance transport that was provided. For example, upcoding Basic Life Support transport to Advanced Life Support transport to get more money from medicare.
3) Charging for supplies and services that were not actually provided to patients in the ambulance, such as oxygen and cardiac monitoring.
4) Deals between hospitals and ambulance companies
: In these "swapping arrangements," ambulance companies agree to provide low cost ambulance services in exchange for repeated referrals of non-emergency discharge patients for ambulance transports billable to medicare.
5) Billing medicare or medicaid for stretcher ambulance services when patients can walk is fraud. These services can cost $250/$300 per trip, patients transported by wheelchair are billed at less than $50. Unethical companies and transport services systematically defraud the medicare system by fraudulently billing medicare the stretcher transport rate for patients that can walk.

These types of fraud are helping bring down our entire healthcare system!

If you are aware of ambulance services fraud you may be entitled to collect millions of dollars while at the same time saving taxpayers money and helping our protect national healthcare system. Our lawyers are among the most experienced in the country. Your confidentiality is assured, Under the law, an employer may not discharge, demote, or otherwise discriminate against an employee for engaging in protected fraud reporting activity.

Report Medicare Fraud

Billing Stretcher time for Patients that can walk or use wheelchairs?

Fake Runs and Billing for Trips not Made?

Medicare Billing Fraud of All kinds.

Reporting Ambulance, Ambulette or Wheelchair Fraud ?
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