Allos Lawsuit

Allos Therapeutics Inc. (ALTH) Shareholder Lawsuit


Kyros Law Boston-based law firm is investigating potential class action claims on behalf of shareholders of Allos Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: ALTH). 

Allos the producer of the T-cell lymphoma treatment Folotyn, announced it entered into a merger agreement with Lexington Massachusetts based AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc. in an all-stock merger of the two companies.

Allos stockholders are set to get a fixed ratio of 0.1282 shares of AMAG common stock for each share of Allos common stock they own. This is the monetary equivalent of $2.44 based on the July 19, 2011 closing price of AMAG stock.

In the past two months, analysts have set Allos price targets at between $3.00 and $8.00 per share.

Our investigation is focused on the potential unfairness of the deal to Allos Therapeutics shareholders, as well as the apparent lack of transparency during the process by the Board of Directors and there may also be potential conflicts of interests among the Allos Therapeutics Board members.

If you are a shareholder of any amount of Allos please call Attorney Bill Kyros at 1-800-934-2921 to discuss your rights.

Merger Lawsuits: In these types of cases even small shareholders may bring claims against officers and directors of a company for violation of fiduciary duties related to these large corporate transactions. The goals of taking legal action are to increase the deal price, require public disclosure of important facts related to the transaction (which helps investors decide whether to approve the deal), improve the actual terms of the deal, and to ensure fairness to all shareholders.

Kyros Law is a Boston-based law firm with significant experience representing investors in merger-related shareholder class actions, shareholder derivative actions, and securities fraud class actions. For info about our law firm please our Kyros Law web site.

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