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October 7, 1999

Legal Technicalities: Hub Lawyers Offer Web Services
By E. Douglas Banks


Perhaps one of the most visible Bay State lawyers to build web pages is Konstantine William Kyros in Boston, whose employs two programmers and himself in Kyros' Back Bay offices. Kyros is in the singular position of advising Internet companies while owning his own. While his law practice is centered on representing companies embroiled in domain-name disputes, his web design firm helps other law firms and their ability to generate business. Kyros currently has 35 clients, from boutique environmental law firms to personal-injury and dispute-resolution companies. While is not yet incorporated as a separate entity, its reach has become substantial enough that Kyros no longer has to hard sell his services to law firms looking for a web presence. "Lawyerviews is my baby. I used to make 100 cold calls a day," said Kyros. The web-based aspect to includes a listing of lawyers and mediators whose web sites have been designed by Kyros as well as a lawyer-referral page, which allows a potential client to submit information for review and then be given the name of a lawyer who handles those issues.


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